For 45 years, I am connected to the water. It all began in Going a.W.K. where I my morning swimmers made at the lake, Wore I was on the side of the lifeguard. Thus from me then a lifeguard and finally even a rescue diver ÖWR. In one of the training and whitewater swimming and Bergen was a priority.

As I packed whitewater fascination. After white water swimming I came to rafting, and canoeing and kayaking, I tried immediately.

So many exciting experience that still remained to me today, vivid memories, shaped my other tracks in the white water. Staatl. Training followed as River-rafting guides canoe instructor u. Nordic instructors. Country ski instructor / Tirol 5years I forwarded the kayak school on Lake Faak for A.Vogelstätter motion.

Stations: Early swimmer, swim Most legacy monitor (I was only about 5 years) Lifesaving Rescue Diver ÖWR, lifeguard, kfm.Lehre with + completion, professional sportsmen (biathlete & cross-country skiers),  Raftguide, kayak instructor, country ski instructor, Dipl LL teachers. instructor Tyrolean Ski instructors Association, instructor for Raft and kayak canoe, and as a stuntman for whitewater shots.

After many years in the wild whitewater, we have now become a bit calmer and now it comes to me personally not about records, first descents or expeditions into the unknown.

Now I am with my son Nico (14 years) on the small streams like Saalach or on the Soca it is simply fun.


Nico himself sitting since the 9 month of life in a kayak. Meanwhile, he has grown into an enthusiastic auxiliary teachers and especially for children and youth courses he can give the training content continued best.