Appointments 2018:

Saalachdays Monday 16

. July to Friday 20. July

Advanced Course Technology and Tactics
Saalach Boof days Saturday 21. July bis Sunday 22. July Boof learn in the perfect terrain of the Saalach

Advanced course: for those who want to improve their technique and tactics and simply relax their future paddling trips.

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Beginner course: 1 day at Pillersee and 4 days, advanced with fun in the whitewater

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Basecamp: Grubhof St. Martin

Course fees:

5 days Advanced Course or Beginners Course 330 €

Special price:     €uro  200,-  including equipment € 300,-

Boofday´s:           €uro 100,-

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OSTTIROL Camp 2018


Camp Osttirol 1 Monday 20. August to Friday 24. August Advanced 1 and Creek Course
Camp Osttirol 2 Saturday 25. August to Sunday 26. August Advanced 2 and Creek Course

It also has many years of tradition. A beginners and advanced group can be introduced on Isel, Drau, Defreggenbach, Gail, Kalserbach, a week on their paces in the whitewater techniques or out on the personal boundary.

Best conditions to back up, mountains and other rescue- and safty techniques we find in the big water stream Isel.

Dinner together in a teepee and campfire for images and movies of the day, common video study.

Course fees:

2 days Camp Osttirol 2: advanced 2 and creek course 200 €
4-5 days Camp Osttirol 1: advanced 1 and creek course 350 €
6-7 days Camp Osttirol 1 and Camp Osttirol 2 430 €

Registration: until August 5, 2018

Early booking bonus 10% up to June 1, 2018



Camp Oetz Saturday 29. September to Wednesday 3. October Creekkurs

We will get to know the Oetztaler Ache and its tributaries from a personal page. Paddling at the time of extreme kayaking world championship, meet of paddle hero around the world.

Creeking Course Oetztal – on the Streif whitewater !!!

Course fees:

4 days creek course incl. halfe bord (without drinks) 400 €

Registration: until September 1, 2018

3 Countries Whitewater Kayaking     Tirol – Salzburg – Bayern

Appointment 2018:

Camp 3 Countries Friday 4. Mai to Sunday 6. May Advanced 2 and Creek Basic

Saalach, Loferbach , Weissbach, Kelchsauer Ache, Brandenberger Ache or whatever else just has water

Course fees:

3 days Advanced 2 und Creek Basic 250 €

Registration : until February 17, 2018

Basic Tyrol Course and Tour de Tyrol

Appointment 2018:

 Basic Tyrol Monday 14. May to Thuersday 17. May Beginner Course
Tour de Tyrol Advanced 2 and Creek Basic

Beginners course on the lake and easy rivers for all newcomers.

Tour de Tirol with Fieberbrunner Ache, Kelchsauer Ache, Brandenberger Ache, Windauer Ache, or whatever else has water

Course fees:

4 days Beginner Course, Advanced 2 and Creek Basic 350 €

Registration : until April 17, 2018