This year we are having 6 whitewater camps on the blue, crystal clear Soca.

From March to October there from beginners to advanced skiers or experts always the right offer.

We train only in small groups with 3 to 5 people, what a great learning success guaranteed.

Of course private lessons and guided tours on the Soca or their tributaries.

On weekends, always make Boof or Creek weekend Soca, Creek Basic or Boof perfection courses on 2 days of the completion of a Camp week.

Base camp : in Kobarid

Course fees:

3 days basic course, advanced course 250 €
4 days basic course, advanced course 300 €
5 days basic course, advanced course 350 €
6 days basic course, advanced course 370 €
7 days basic course, advanced course 400 €

Soca boof weekend: always Saturday and Sunday

2 days creek- and boof course 200 €

Appointments :

Camp 1 Thursday 15. March to Sunday 18. Marc Official season start on the Soca:
Groups for advanced 1 + 2 and a Creek group season warm up in Slovenia
Beginner, advanced advanced course 1 + 2 Creek- Boof week, technique and safety course
Camp 2 Monday 7. May to Friday 11. May
Beginners, advanced 1 + 2, advanced and technical course. This course prepares you for the upcoming paddle season.
Camp 2a
Monday 24. April to Friday 28. April Advanced 2 course, technical course, Boofkurs – Flying Soca
Camp 3
Monday 30. July to Tuesday 31. July Advanced 1 + 2, advanced and technical course
Camp 3a
Wendnesday 1. August to Sunday 5. August
Children and families course
Camp 4
Sunday 9. September to Thursday 13. September
4 days junior paddle camp, beginners and advanced groups
Camp 4a
Friday 14. September to Sunday 16. September Junior Boof Day’s Soca Boof and Mini Creek Basic’s for Jougster
Camp 5
Friday 5. October to Sunday 7. October Boof weekend for advanced beginners and experts who want to optimize their Boof technical.
  Option: A guided tour of the Soca Cataract
Camp 6
Thursday 25. October to Wendsday 31. October Traditional End of Season paddling finals Soca 2018
Paddler meeting of friends and our guests and customers of the kayaking canoe school Kitzalp !!!
Important !!!All 6 log cabins of Kamp Koren are rented by us from the 25th to the 31st of October. Bookings must be made exclusively via us in writing and by e-mail.

Price per person in the house € 20, –