Appointment 2018:

Camp Corsica 1 Monday 26. March to Monday 02

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. April

Advanced 2
Camp Corsica 2 Tuesday 3. April to Sunday 8. April Creek 1 Course
Camp Corsica 3 Monday 9. April to Friday 20. April Creek 1+2
Camp Corsica 4 Saturday 21. April to Friday 1. May
Advanced technic

Great paddle days are waiting for paddlers who feel well in the WW 2 to 4 well, we enjoy the beautiful landscape and rivers of Corsica and paddle us once really a Creeking Basic for paddlers / in the difficulty WW 3-4.

Technique course

Here the existing techniques are improved, new learned and prepared for the booting.

The Creek 1 course teaches you not only a lot of technique and tactics but also safety and mountains, techniques in practical application u.v.m.

The Creek 2 course is the continuation of the Creek 1 course, where you apply what you have learned and also move to a more difficult degree.

The course teaches you not only a lot of technique and tactics but also the leadership behavior in groups, safety and mountains, techniques in practical application a.a.m.


There are in this course, all paddlers, which are in the same level !!!

Depending on the applications, there are 1 or 2 small groups, the level and ability of the individual adjusted.


Course fees:

12 days Camp Corsica 3: Creek 1+2 750 €
6-8 days Camp Corsica 1, 2, 4: Advanced, Creek 1+2, Advanced technic 550 €

Registration: until March 4, 2018

Early booking bonus 10% up to January 15, 2018


Kayak Tour hautes alpes Bonjoure france !!!


Camp France 1 Monday 25. June to Friday 6. July Advanced 2 and Creeking

12 days on Isere, Doron de Bozel, Guisanne, Claree, Durance, Ubaje, Guil, and much more for Advenced 2, WW 3 to 4 paddlers enjoyment in culinary perspective and kayaking adventures are guaranteed.

2 or 3 base camps in Bourg St

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. Maurice, and Guilestre and the Ubay ensure easy access to the various stages.

Service:Course or guide tours with more professional management, team tent, photos and movies, partial shipments to put in or out

Joint Check carpooling, fuel cost sharing, tolls, food and drink


Course fees:

12 day Camp France 1: Advanced 2 750 €

Registration: until April 15, 2018

Early booking bonus 10% up to March 15, 2018