Report Norway Camp 2016

From the End of May to middle of June the Kajak Kanuschule Kitzalp was travelling in the country of the trolls again


This year was in every department our Norway Paddle Camp a mega cool event; we had in the three weeks 22 to 26 C, dreamlike water levels and a wonderful, very good together matching paddel groupe.
This album is only a summary of the experienced adventure at water and on land.

This year the losses were not very big, we lost 1 paddle in the Zambesi section of the Lagen and 1 paddle was broken at the Upper Bovera, two boats were welded and 1 spraydeck was sewn and glued.

The great, perfect water levels demanded by everyone all his skill and for all the mighty rivers in their alternate way both a challenge and fun were at the same time.

We paddled some of the classics like the Sjoa, Ostri, Tundra Bovera and much more.
On the way back there was again much Landscape like Jothumheimen glacier etc. the longest road tunnel in Europe with 25 km away and many great mountain roads.

For the finale, there was still the mighty big water run on Numedalslagen and then again into the Telemark to Spanemfossen.
The last day we spent on playspots and enjoyed the warm water of the Lagen before flowing it fows into the sea by Larvik.

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